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Raw Dog food - The benefits OVER TRADITIONAL WET DOG FOOD

We provide the highest quality raw dog food at the most competitive prices in the East of England supplying many of the local top breeders with our products. The Dogfood Company was originally created in 2007 to provide raw chicken and tripe to working and sport dogs at the Schutzhund club where we trained our Dobermanns.

Our business is built upon enthusiasm for dogs and the lifestyle rather than being driven purely by commercial considerations. You will find our approach personal, flexible and underpinned by the highest quality products.

Natural raw feeding of meaty boned chicken carcass and muscle from beef and lamb, or BARF, were preferred to bagged dried food because of the calcium to phosphorous levels needed for healthy growth and the slighter risk of stomach torsion often associated with dried feed.

Word soon spread, upon working forums and amongst breeders and other working clubs and the company expanded into supplying others, through agility, obedience, security work and of course, Schutzhund. We aim to provide a full service and product list for every type of canine, whether a toy or giant breed, our raw feeding selection of chicken, beef, pork, lamb and different types of tripe, will suit your companion. We are also offering delivery services on certain routes throughout the week, especially for people who have limited freezer space, or who live too far from our location.

Locally Butchered or sourced meats: chicken, lamb and tripe, offal

Should You FEED BARF

Read this article on the pros and cons of feeding BARF raw dogfood, from Shooting UK Magazine

raw dog food in the form of green tripe, easy to prepare

Dried Foods & Mixer

We rely less on dried foods and mixers, but they are still a useful way to balance the dietary requirements of your dog.

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